Sue Fonseca
Graphic Designer
Arts and Crafts

For years, I’ve been creating and executing concepts and ideas which I truly believe have created strong connections between people and above all has connected me to people.

I have used my various fine arts skills which include: sculpture, painting, woodwork and tile works and as a means to express my inner self.

Whereas my graphic design work is used to portray information or idea to a community in a clean, creative manner.

In all different works, I feel most comfortable using different materials and colours, expressing both my love and passion for art as a whole.

I have a long experience in signage design.

My graphic work in Canada has been more of addressing community services non-profitable, which gives me great pleasure to be part of.

I hope you enjoy my work.


Profile and skills

  • 9 years’ experience in Signage
  • Creates strong Branding Graphics
  • Senses urgency; Committed; Team oriented
  • Organized; Creative; Detail-oriented
  • Adobe; Corel Draw and Windows office
  • Glass; Ceramics; Acrylic; Vinyl; Polystyrene; Wood Craft; Vinyl; Flock; Flex, Plexiglass Friendly; Versatile; Adaptable
  • The final artwork for digital printing, cutting plotter and prepress files Store manager, experience with customer service
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese


  • The course of Communication Design – School of Image and Communication – Portugal
  • Graphic Design, Branding, Typography, Vector illustration, Color, Print, Image Manipulation, Video and Radio
  • Ceramics level III – Portugal
  • St. Mary’s High School, Toronto, Canada
  • Created trophies for surf championship Rip Curl
  • Created layout for woman clothing (49 grin)
  • Created scenarios in polystyrene for plays and window design
  • Founder Member of Artisans of Central West of Lisbon
  • Volunteering at the institution Animate
  • I’m a member of AveiroArte Institution

Experience – Owner and designer – March 2019 – Present

  • It´s my recent new challenge, working with third party print shops worldwide. My e-commerce web store is all about finding the right print shops that are sustainable. Working from the starting point of the website layout to the app integration to the final interaction of customer services. – Owner and designer – portfolio website / Jan. 2015 – Present

  • My portfolio online website represents various fine arts skills which include: sculpture, painting, woodwork and tile works and as a means to express my inner self.

Fathersdayshop – Ecommerce print on demand online shop / Project with the artist Pierre Costa – Social media manager and content creator/web designer / promotional designer / May 2020 – Present

  • Market research, Google analytics, Facebook business manager, brand exposure in social media, its content, page visual layouts apparel mockups as well as its apps and paying methods.
Freelancer/Graphic Designer — Blue Pages & Multi Advertising | 2013 – 2019 Toronto
  • Graphic designer (freelancer, during preprint annual addition).
  • Prepare artwork for screen printing, embroidering and other print formats.
  • The general office administers work and orders.
  • Contact existing clients about layouts and their information.
Customer Service Representative/Graphic Designer — CanKopy Document Solutions | 2011 -2012 | Toronto
  • Customer Service Rep: Printing; Shipping; Payments
  • Graphic design: Created designs concept and layouts based on customer specifications
  • Xerox printing, Fiery systems, plotter print and cut, printing, FedEx shipping
  • Created design solutions to promote their new location
Freelancer/Graphic Designer — Reflet Salveo, Francophone, non-profit | Toronto
Freelancer/Graphic Designer — Reviive, non-profit association | England
Freelancer – Graphic Designer — Derel, Sign Company | Portugal
  • Created and refreshed layouts of brands
  • Stationary/Branding Flyers, Paging, Posters, Invitations, layouts for websites, banners
  • Visual mock-ups for outdoor advertising (moppi, totems, lightboxes, car deco
  • Prepare the final artworks for print or vinyl cutting plotter
  • (project Riberalves, photo 7)
Freelancer — KontraProduções, Digital Print Company | Portugal
  • Developed layout and print for the event “Estoril Open” tennis world tournament
Freelancer — LFF | Portugal
  • Designed outdoor signs, campaigns and branding for numerous clients
Designer & Manager — Wear Fun Alternative, Store | Portugal
  • Developed marketing and branding strategies
  • Promoted events and workshops
  • Resolved customer queries and concerns
  • Created and maintained displays and store layout
Graphic Designer — Reclameoeste, Sign Company | Portugal
  • Worked closely with clients to plan and create the right marketing campaigns
  • Presented various mock-ups to clients
  • Created prepress files and scale drawings of structures
  • Involved in the full process, from the design concept to the manufacture of the outdoor publicity.
Silicone / Plaster Molder Designer — Nazaré, Handmade candles | Portugal
  • Researched and created new trends in candle design
  • A valuable contributor to increased sales and growth of the company
Designer & Manager — Uliarts, Furniture RestorationStore| Portugal
  • Opened and managed arts and crafts decoration and fabrication store
  • Modifying furniture (painting, craftwork, different material applied)


    “Baselitz Accusations” A Show of Women’s Excellence In Painting.
  • Participated in the art show “Magick of Colours” at “Hermit’s Lamp Gallery” with artist AySes Dunya.
  • Participating in Craft Fair, Stock Exchange Building in Lisbon
  • Participation in the Annual Arts Fair (FIA); in partnership with the Association of Artisans of the West Side
  • Participation with the Tourist Region West; the disclosure and presentation of handicrafts of the region
  • Participation in the International Handicrafts Fair, Lisbon Expo
  • A group exhibition of paintings and ceramics; the Commercial Association of Caldas da Rainha
  • Participation Trophies production for Quiksilver; Surf Championship under 20 Female, at White Sand Beach
  • Exhibition of Plastic Arts Gallery ART Boutique du Gourmet
  • Participation in Youth Painting Contest, IPJ / JPI – awarded 1st Place.