Sue Fonseca
Graphic Designer
Arts and Crafts


For years, I’ve been creating and executing concepts and ideas which I truly believe have created strong connections between people and above all has connected me to people.

I have used my various fine arts skills which include: sculpture, painting, wood work and tile works and as a means to express my inner self.

Whereas my graphic design work is used to portray information or idea to a community in a clean, creative manner.

In all different works, I feel most comfortable using different materials and colors, expressing both my love and passion for art as a whole.

I have a long experience in signage design.

My graphic work in Canada has been more of addressing community services non profitable, which gives me great pleasure to be part of.

I hope you enjoy my work.



Profile and skills

  • 9 years’ experience in Signage
  • Creates strong Branding Graphics
  • Senses urgency; Committed; Team oriented
  • Organized; Creative; Detail oriented
  • Adobe CS5; Corel Draw; AutoCAD
  • Glass; Ceramics; Acrylic; Vinyl; Polystyrene; Wood Craft; Vinyl; Flock; Flex, Plexiglass Friendly; Versatile; Adaptable
  • Final artwork, preparation for digital printing, cutting plotter and prepress files preparation. Store manager, experience with customer service
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese


  • Photoshop CS5 Advanced – Flag School – Portugal
  • Course of Communication Design – School of Image and Communication – Portugal
  • Graphic Design, Branding, Typography, Vector illustration, Color, Print, Image Manipulation
  • AutoCAD 2005 2D and 3D | Cenfim Professional School – Portugal
  • Ceramics level III – Portugal
  • St. Mary’s High School, Toronto, Canada
  • Created trophies for surf championship Rip Curl
  • I taught painting and ceramics classes
  • Created layout for woman clothing (49 grin)
  • Created scenarios in polystyrene for plays
  • Founder Member of Artisans of Central West of Lisbon
  • Volunteering at the institution Animate
  • I’m a member of AveiroArte Institution


Freelancer/Graphic Designer — Blue Pages & Multi Advertising | 2013 – 2018 Toronto
  • Graphic designer (freelancer, during preprint annual addition).
  • Prepare artwork for screen printing, embroidering and other print formats.
  • The general office administers work and orders.
  • Contact existing clients about layouts and their information.
Customer Service Representative/Graphic Designer — CanKopy Document Solutions | 2011 | Toronto
  • Customer Service Rep: Printing; Shipping; Payments
  • Graphic design: Created designs concept and layouts based on customer specifications
  • Xerox printing, Fiery systems, plotter print and cut, printing, FedEx shipping
  • Created design solutions to promote their new location
Freelancer/Graphic Designer — Reflet Salveo, Francophone, non-profit | 2013 – 2014 | Toronto
Freelancer/Graphic Designer — Reviive, non-profit association | 2012 – 2014 | England
Freelancer – Graphic Designer — Derel, Sign Company | Portugal
  • Created and refreshed layouts of brands
  • Stationary/Branding Flyers, Paging, Posters, Invitations, layouts for websites, banners
  • Visual mock-ups for outdoor advertising (moppi, totems, light boxes, car deco
  • Prepare the final artworks for print or vinyl cutting plotter
  • (project Riberalves, photo 7)
Freelancer — KontraProduções, Digital Print Company | Portugal
  • Developed layout and print for the event “Estoril Open” tennis world tournament
Freelancer — LFF | 2009-2011 | Portugal
  • Designed outdoor signs, campaigns and branding for numerous clients
Designer & Manager — Wear Fun Alternative, Store | Portugal
  • Developed marketing and branding strategies
  • Promoted events and workshops
  • Resolved customer queries and concerns
  • Created and maintained displays and store layout
Graphic Designer — Reclameoeste, Sign Company | 2008 | Portugal
  • Worked closely with clients to plan and create the right marketing campaigns
  • Presented various mock-ups to clients
  • Created prepress files and scale drawings of structures
  • Involved in the full process, from the design concept to the manufacture of the outdoor publicity.
Silicone / Plaster Molder Designer — Nazaré, Handmade candles | 2006 | Portugal
  • Researched and created new trends in candle design
  • A valuable contributor to increased sales and growth of the company
Designer & Manager — Uliarts, Furniture RestorationStore | 2003 | Portugal
  • Opened and managed own arts and crafts decoration and fabrication store
  • Modifying furniture (painting, craft work, different material applied)



    “Baselitz Accusations” A Show of Women’s Excellence In Painting.
  • Participated in the art show “Magick of Colours” at “Hermit’s Lamp Gallery” with artist AySes Dunya.
  • Participating in Craft Fair, Stock Exchange Building in Lisbon
  • Participation in the Annual Arts Fair (FIA); in partnership with the Association of Artisans of the West Side
  • Participation with the Tourist Region West; the disclosure and presentation of handicrafts of the region
  • Participation in the International Handicrafts Fair, Lisbon Expo
  • Group exhibition of paintings and ceramics; the Commercial Association of Caldas da Rainha
  • Participation Trophies production for Quiksilver; Surf Championship under 20 Female, at White Sand Beach
  • Exhibition of Plastic Arts Gallery ART Boutique du Gourmet
  • Participation in Youth Painting Contest, IPJ / JPI – awarded the 1st Place.